For the past few years I’ve had a difficult time with stabilizing my thyroid function and I felt very lethargic and tired most of the time and yet I couldn’t sleep at night. I was putting on weight and had a very poor digestive tract and needed desperate guidance! Each time I went to the doctor, he would say, “all the tests are showing normal.”

Finally I went to meet Swati who gave me a consultation and reassured me that I would feel better. She thoroughly analysed my diet, medical history and lifestyle and gave me a diet plan along with supplements appropriate for my health conditionand since then I have not looked back as my thyroid function has improved incredibly and I feel so much better overall for other conditions too in a very short span. My family and friends are all amazed!! I have also become conscious about what I eat and drink, even when I’m travelling. I feel great with more energy.

I give full credit to Swati for the improvement in my health. Great job!!! Thank you so much!! Also, thank you so much for helping me to relieve my extremely uncomfortable digestive issues. That is a thing of the past!
I would and have recommended Swati to my family and friends.


Swati Madan is a one of a kind nutritionist ! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes . She has got a strong desire to find different ways to help her patients . In my case I have been cured with a major candida problem through her right guidance by encouraging a healthier life style , healthy food , and supplements . Swati is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients . I assure many women and men be thankful in years to come for what she can contribute to health care.


For years I have been suffering from polycystic ovaries syndrome and have struggled with my weight. I have tried so many fad diets in the past including low fat, juice diet, cabbage soup diet but none of them really worked long term as I used to lose weight initially but would then put it back on. I was really frustrated and depressed.

I then met Swati at an event at my kids nursery, where she told me some simple things that I could do at home. I made an appointment to see her as well in a weeks time.

Her advice was so simple and practical that I could implement those changes straight away in terms of my diet and lifestyle. Only after following her suggestions for couple of weeks, did I see positive changes in my weight, my energy levels and in my skin. I feel so much lighter, more energetic with radiant skin. The best thing is that I never feel hungry with her plans.

Swati not only spends a lot of time with you to investigate your problem deeply, she also provides constant motivation and emotional support to make the entire journey smooth and fun.

Thank you Swati!!


I am a hockey player, and i always thought I ate healthily and that my sports nutrition was on point. That was until I met Swati Madan who completely transformed the way I thought about food, what and when I ate. This enabled me to eat healthy and very good transformation happened with high energy levels and better endurance while playing Hockey.

Thank you Swati


With long working days and little time to think about what I was eating, food had to be quick and easy. Since my first consultation with Swati Madan my diet has totally changed. Now I know what to buy, where to buy it and how to create delicious nutritious food in an instant.

I have found Swati to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and functions of the body. She has really helped me to feel well again. I really trust her advice and my life has been turned around since meeting Swati. I would highly recommend her.


I have found “Swati Madan” to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult Swati on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my husband.

I trust her advice.

In 2014 I was diaognised with 1st stage cancer in my ovaries. Based on doctors opnion I got my surgery done, and on the other side followed all the advice given by Swati to eradicate cancer cells within me. I started with morning smoothies with all green vegetables, fruits, and other essential ingredients recommended by her, clean diet, lifestyle modifications such as de-stressing, meditation, sleeping for 7 hours, EMF protection plus supplements. She also recommended toxin free cleaning and skin products.

I have been following her recommendations since and all my recent reports are absolutely normal now. I feel great!

Thanks to Swati for helping me make permanent changes to my health issues. I would highly recommend her.


I suffered with gut issues such as gas, bloating and frequent cramps for about five years. I had tried numerous drugs prescribed by my GP to help me with the symptoms but nothing seemed to work long term. It used to work for a while but then the symptoms would come back.

My friend told me about Swati and I booked an appointment to see her last year. She recommended her gut rehabilitation programme for 12 weeks to me which included elimination diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. Making changes to my diet seemed difficult initially but once got into a pattern of eating and buying certain foods, I haven’t looked back, I no longer suffer from any gut issues at all. I have also lost 7kgs in weight and feel so much better.

I cannot recommend her enough as her programme has helped me immensely and she kept encouraging and motivating me throughout. I am currently on the maintenance programme.

Thank you so much Swati.


I have just finished your 28 day Detox programme and I feel so much better in myself with having more energy, improved sleep and beautifulradiant skin. The best thing about the programme is that at least its not a juice only or soup only diet and you can eat proper food.

I would like to thank you for your advice and positive encouragement. I have recommended this programme to my friends already and they will be contacting you shortly.


I am getting married in May this year and I started the Nutrition Bride Enhancement programme in Jan 2018. I have already started seeing the results which includes radiant skin, higher energy levels, better sleep, feeling calmer and have lost weight to be able to fit into my bridal gown 😊. Swati started with a 28 day detox for me and now I am on bridal maintenance programme which includes sessions on mindfulness, how to de-stress at such a busy time, recipes, meal plans and supplements. I have also joined yoga classes on her recommendation.

She will also be doing detox sessions for my bridesmaids and my family near the time as they want to look perfect in beautiful dresses on my wedding day.

Thank you Swati for all your support and encouragement. You are an amazing soul.


I would definitely recommend Swati as a nutritionist. She has assisted me greatly with my health, well being and weight over the past one year. My friends in hometown were surprised to see me all toned up in one year. She taps into this with advice that is easy to follow and, most importantly, doesn’t require starvation, especially for busy people like me who cant concentrate on work with empty stomach. Thank you Swati!

Varun Ghai

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